锂离子 蓄电池使用手册

           Lithium Ion Battery Instruction Manual

一、注意事项 Warnings  

l         严禁将 电池充电正负端或放电正负端短路。

l         Never short circuit the discharge or charge terminals of the battery.

l         严禁将 放电端进行充电,严禁将 充电端进行放电。

l         Never charge the battery by discharge terminals or discharge the battery by charge terminals.

l         电池应 远离高温和明火,不要把电池放入水中。

l         Keep the battery away from excessive heat and open flames. Never put the battery into water.

l         不要让 电池受到剧烈的人为冲击,振动、撞击。

l         Never subject the battery to intense physical shock or severe vibration or impact.

l         保持电池干燥,不要让 电池的充放电接头被雨淋和浸水。

l         Protect the battery from water or other moisture. Protect the discharge and charge terminals of the battery from rain or waterlogging.

l         不要让小孩接触电池。

l         Keep the battery away from children.

l         未经允许的情况下,严禁将电池拆开。

l         Never disassemble the battery without permission.

l         当电池很长一段时间(超过30天)不用时,请把电 池从负载上卸下储存。

l         When the battery is not in use for an extended period of time (more than 30 days) , remove the battery from the load for storage.

l         请使用 供方提供的专用充电器进行充电,不要用 别的充电器给电池充电。

l         Use only the special charger supplied by our company. Never use other charger to charge the battery.

二、              基本说明General use instructions

1、充电: Charge

l         充电工作温度范围:0~45℃

l         Charge temperature range 0~45℃

l         过充电 会使容量看起来很高,但危险 性会增加寿命会缩短。

l         Over charging  is seemly improving the battery’s capacity, but it will be danger and shorting life of the battery.

l         充电终止电压越高,对电池危害越大;充电电流越大,对电池危害越大;充电时间越长,对电池危害越大。

l         The higher the charging end-voltage, the higher the charging current, the longer the charging time, the more harmer the battery receives;

l         充电过 程中如发现异常情况,比如电池变形鼓胀、高温烫手等,应立即停止充电。禁止将 电池长时间与充电器连接在交流电源上。

l         If there is any abnormal situation such as the battery transforms and bloats, or becomes very hot, please stop charging at once.

Do not connect the battery and the charger to AC for a very long time.

l         禁止在 不充电的情况下,长时间 将充电器空载连接在交流电源上。

Do not connect the charger with the AC for a long time unless under the condition of charging.

l         充电时 周围的环境应保持干燥、通风、无火源.

The charging environment should be dry, well-ventilated and far away from fire.

l         充电时距电池1.5米以内 不能有易燃物品。

There should be no inflammables in 1.5 meters around the battery when it is under charging.

l         严禁在 易燃易爆物品周围充电。

Do not charge around inflammable or dangerous things.

l         装在容器内的电池,充电时 最好从容器中取出,以利散热。

It is better to take out the batteries from containers when charging for abstraction of heat.

l         充电器工作时,要放在 小孩接触不到的地方,以免出现危险。

Keep away from children when the charger is working to avoid danger.


l         放电工作温度范围:-20~55℃

l         Discharge temperature range -20℃~55℃

l         避免电池过放,当单体 电压低于放电终止电压极限值时,电池处于过放状态,长时间 过放会缩短电池使用寿命。

l         Avoid overdischarging. When the voltage of per cell is lower than the limit of cut-off voltage, the battery is under overdischarging condition.

      Long time of overdischarging will shorten the life of the battery.

l         电池浅放浅充,可以大 大延长使用寿命。

l         Never charge more full and discharge more empty will lengthen the battery life.

l         避免大电流放电,电流过 大会影响电池寿命。

l        A void large current or it will affect the battery life.

l         骑车启 动时应缓慢加速,避免零启动,避免在 启动时突然加速。

l         Accelerate slowly when cycling starting, avoid starting at still, avoid sudden accelerating at start.

l         避免在 上坡处静止起步,上坡吃 力时最好用脚蹬助力。

l         Avoid starting at still when running up the slope, it is best to use pedal power when Struggling uphill.

l         爬坡、上桥、顶风行 驶最好人为辅助骑行。

l         It is better to cycle human-assisting when running up, climbing or heading up.

l         低温下 启动时要缓慢加速或用脚蹬助力。

l         Speed up slowly or pedal at low temperature.

l         雨天骑 车应注意防止电池进水,避免保 护线路失效发生危险。

l         Avoid flooding the battery by the rain when cycling, which may cause danger.

l         电池暂 时不使用时要从设备上取下或切断电池与负载之间的连接,避免电 池通过负载自放电,严禁电 池在无电或低电压情况下搁置。

l         When the battery is not in use for an extended period of time , remove the battery from the load for storage to avoid self-discharge by load.

         Do not lay up the battery when there is no electricity or low voltage.


l         电池应 贮存在环境温度为0℃~30℃,相对湿度不大于75%的清洁、干燥、通风的室内,应避免 与腐蚀性物质接触,应远离火源及热源。

l         Storage conditions for the battery: circumstance temperature 0~30℃,circumstance relative humidity:≤75%RH.

l         The battery should be kept in storage in a clean, dry and ventilated circumstance,

       it should be avoided to touch with the corrosive substance and should be away form excessive heat and open flames.

l         The batteries should be kept with 50% of the capacity , storage time of the battery should not be more than 30 days.

l         锂电池 的贮存会导致容量下降。

l         The capacity of the Lithium battery will be decline when storage.

l         贮存期间约每30天充电一次,每次充电约2小时。

l         The battery should be charged once every 30 days when storage, every time charged about 2 hours.

l         大量电 池贮存时应做好防火隔离措施,电池与 电池之间留出有效安全距离或用阻燃材料隔离。

l         The battery should be with fireproofing measures when storage together, there should be safe distance or fireproofing material for isolation.

4、运输 Transport

l         电池要 用绝缘防震材料包装,并标识 有易碎字样标贴,避免途 中颠簸造成损坏。

l         The battery should be packed with insulation and shockproof material, and lined out the fragile labels.

l         Avoid the damage from jolting in the way.

l         应使电池组极柱向上,并标识好向上标贴,切勿倒放,也不可以随意摆放。

l         The battery should be upward, and should be lined out upward labels. Do not upend, or place arbitrarily.

l         电池组 在运输装卸过程中一定要轻拿轻放,切勿随意抛掷,避免碰撞。

l         The batteries should be handled with care when transport. Never throw the batteries. Avoid the batteries collision.

l         切勿将 重物压在电池组上运输,避免挤 压造成电池组地损坏。

l         Never put heavy goods on the batteries for transport. Avoid damage of the batteries from extrusion.

l         不可与易燃、易爆、及尖锐 的金属物品混合运输。

l         Never transport the batteries with the flammable, explosive, or sharp metal objects.

l         包装物 上要有防潮防水、防火标贴,避免因 运输原因发生危险。

l         There should be moisture-proof and fireproof labels on the packing, to avoid danger from transport.

l         运输时 应将电池放电至50%的容量,抵达目 的地后要及时将电充满。

l         There should be 50% of the battery capacity when transport, and charge full of electricity at arrive timely,

三、   典型故障和解决办法

         Typical trouble and elimination



Trouble appearance

Trouble Cause

Trouble Elimination 

Can not be charged

The overcharge protect function works


The battery has been finished the charging,it can be use



Output plug of the charger become flexible

检查充 电器的输出接头是否与电池连接稳固 Check the output plug of the charger whether connect firmly to the battery

Power-down suddenly


The overcurrent protect function works


Disconnect the battery from the load.

No output voltage

The over-discharge protectfunction works

Please charge the battery.


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