• USS NAUTILUS (SSN571) was the first atomic submarine. Prior to NAUTILUS we had submersible vessels that could run underwater for a short period of time, but had to surface to charge the batteries and replenish the breathing air.


  • NAUTILUS was a real submarine. We surfaced every four years to let the crew re-in list!

In 1958 we took NAUTILUS under the North Pole.

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  • The first boat I ever served on was a WW2 type fleet boat that had been converted to a guppy snorkel design.
  • The boat was named USS TORSK (SS423) and you can see my old home if you are ever in Baltimore Maryland. You'll find TORSK tied up along side a pier in the harbor.

  • My second boat was named USS BURRFISH (SSR312). BURRFISH was designed to operate as a Radar Picket in the North Atlantic.BURRFISH was the first of the "Stealth" vessels the US built to monitor Russian aircraft and marine activity in the Arctic region. Prior to BURRFISH surface vessels had similar missions, but they were easily detected by aircraft and ship's radar. We could submerge and hide.
  • Note all of the Radar antennas sticking out the top of the 312 boat. We were a first class spy ship in the early 50s

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